the more I go through life and the more shit happens, the more I get the unnerving feeling that attachment in any shape or form is the worst possible thing that can come of any human relation

because humans are toxic


one of the incredible guitarists I had the honor to learn from now plays guitar for Prince… wat

Last night

I dreamed that my ex-boss kidnapped me and was holding me in this motel room with only a cable TV and a horrible greyish purple carpet in it and a bunch of other little girls … I was younger than I really am in the dream and I quickly learned that he had done this several times before; this was nothing new to him. He keeps the girls for a while, doesn’t touch them, and then kills them all. I guess it was to make himself feel in control, like he possessed power of some sort because his blatant fail in the business-owning world was eating away at his soul.

There were policemen working to try to get us out and all — I don’t know why he let us keep our phones — but one night he let a little girl go, and as she was walking down the hall he shot her in the head. I guess he wanted to scare us. It was weird because there were other people around and they were all shocked and horrified and whatnot, but they just walked away calmly as though nothing happened. No help came the next day or anything. It kind of represents society when you think about it; these days people care only for themselves and they don’t want to get involved in anything that they deem unimportant or time-consuming.

Sometimes the girls and I would play this Mayday Parade song out the window with the hopes of being noticed by the people eating in the courtyard to no avail. I don’t know if the policeman trying to get us out succeeded, I unfortunately woke up before the end of the story.. I wish that didn’t always happen.

I guess what scared me a bit and got me thinking about this dream is that the persona my ex-boss took on in my dream is no different from the way he is in real life. 

The world is a sick motherfucking place. I honestly wonder what is to come in the next few years with all these shootings going on … First the Toronto Eaton Centre, then the movie theatre in Colorado … the mall in Oregon on Tuesday and now this? 29 people dead in an elementary school shooting? Is this a sick fucking joke? I’m afraid that soon people will be scared to go out in public, and little kids will be afraid to go school, a place where they’re supposed to be able to learn and grow. A place where they’re supposed to be safe. Now that’s just wrong. If you want to end your life and go out with a bang, and in doing so get a message across, fine. But not if it involves innocent people’s lives. Not if it involves little children. Get a fucking grip. And to think that America still lets people carry guns around … and in a few weeks or maybe even in a few days, people will just carry on with their lives as though nothing happened, just as us humans always do so well. 

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